Carnegie Peacebuilding Conversations

Why Are We Here: The legacy of Andrew Carnegie in 2018


Why Are We Here: The legacy of Andrew Carnegie in 2018


3:45 – 4:25PM

David Nasaw, History Professor at City University of New York

Organised by:
Carnegie Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York

According to Carnegie Corporation of New York President Vartan Gregorian, "The legacy of Andrew Carnegie celebrates the power of the individual, enabled and empowered to live freely and to think independently, as well as the power of an educated citizenry and a strong democracy. In this way, democracy, education, knowledge, freedom, and international peace are necessary ingredients to a healthy society." How can we use his legacy for the challenges of today? What needs to be done now to strengthen the case for democracy and peace, as well as the values and institutions that uphold those ideals? History Professor and Carnegie specialist David Nasaw of the City University of New York presents his vision based on historic context and more recent developments. Thereafter, a panel consisting of high-level representatives of the Carnegie institutions will discuss how contemporary issues can be addressed by the institutions and will engage in discussion with the audience.