Carnegie Peacebuilding Conversations

Steve Killelea



Founder & Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace

Steve Killelea is an accomplished entrepreneur in high technology business development and at the forefront of philanthropic activities focused on sustainable development and peace. After successfully building two international software companies, Steve decided to dedicate most of his time and fortune to sustainable development and peace. Steve founded the Institute for Economics and Peace in 2007 to focus on better understanding the relationship between business, peace and economic development. IEP has four areas of global leadership: measuring peace, calculating the economic cost of violence, analyzing country level risk and understanding Positive Peace. IEP is recognized as one of the world's most impactful think tanks, with its work is being used by the United Nations, World Bank, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OEDC) and the Commonwealth Secretariat, as well as being included in thousands of university courses around the world.

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