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Neelke Doorn


Neelke Doorn

Professor Ethics of Water Engineering at the Technical University Delft (TU Delft)

Neelke Doorn is  professor Ethics and Water Governance at the Department of Philosophy of Delft University of Technology and former assistant director of the 3TU.Centre of Ethics and Technology. Her primary research is dedicated to moral questions in water governance and in relation to the management of environmental risks and climate change, which she studies through the lens of resilience.

In 2013, Neelke received a personal NWO Veni grant for her project The Ethics of Flood Risk Management. In the past years, she also received various grants within the NWO Responsible Innovation (in Dutch: Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Innoveren; MVI) scheme (two 375kEuro grants in 2015 and a 500kEuro grant in 2016). Her most recent MVI-grant is on so-called crowd-based innovations. These are initiatives in which citizens collectively initiate activities, provide services, or arrange funding (e.g., local windfarms, community gardens, off-the-grid water treatment, repair cafes). These initiatives may provide opportunities for addressing societal challenges, but they may also pose significant challenges as they often occur in the context of traditional, well-established, institutional and governance structures and practices. The gap between these traditional structures and radically new initiatives prompts questions about how public values (quality, legitimacy, efficiency, equity) can be safeguarded.

Together with Diane P. Michelfelder, Neelke is Editor-in-Chief of the peer reviewed journal Techne: Research in Philosophy and Technology. Also with Diane, Neelke is editing the Handbook of Philosophy of Engineering, which is currently under contract with Routledge. In 2013, the edited Early Engagement and New Technologies: Opening Up the Laboratory appeared, of which Neelke was the leading editor. Neelke was also one of the co-editors of the edited volume Responsible Innovation: Innovative Solutions for Global Issues.

Neelke has a master degree in Civil Engineering (TU Delft 1997, BSc+MSc [ir], cum laude), Philosophy (Leiden 2005, BA+MA [drs], cum laude), and Law (Open University 2016, LLB+LLM [mr], cum laude). In May 2011, she obtained her PhD degree from the TU Delft for her thesis on Moral Responsibility in R&D Networks.



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