Carnegie Peacebuilding Conversations

Making Peace Profitable


Making Peace Profitable


Pathways for Peace: 
“A scaled-up system for preventive action would save between US$5 billion and $70 billion per year

9:40 – 11:15AM

Key participants in the dialogues:
Sir James D. Wolfensohn, Former President of the World Bank and Honouree of the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy
Henk-Jan Brinkman, Chief of Policy, Planning and Application of the UN Peacebuilding Support Office
Steve Killelea, Founder and Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace

Organised  by: 
Carnegie Foundation

Violence has costs the world $14.76 trillion in 2017 alone, according to the Institute for Economics & Peace. That is $1988 per person, a figure that has been growing for years. Violent conflict has an enormous financial impact on the world, apart from the human suffering in causes. Therefore, promoting a more peaceful world is profitable and worth investing in. Financial growth is often associated with a lower probability of conflict, while peaceful societies allow stronger financial growth. How can peace be made profitable? And what is a sustainable way of investing in a more peaceful world? The United Nations and the World Bank jointly developed the report ‘Pathways for Peace’ that was launched earlier this year and is the start of a new vision on the association between financing and peace. One conclusion: A scaled-up system for preventive action would save between $5 billion and $70 billion per year.