Carnegie Peacebuilding Conversations

Her Royal Highness Princess Laurentien Of The Netherlands

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Founder of the Missing Chapter Foundation

Princess Laurentien is a social entrepreneur, author and dialogue facilitator. In 2004 she founded the Reading & Writing Foundation aimed at preventing and reducing functional literacy and she is UNESCO Special Envoy for Literacy and Development. Within her work on inclusive diversity and sustainability, the princess specializes in child emancipation. In 2009 she established the Missing Chapter Foundation, which connects the thinking power of children with strategic dilemmas of decision-makers through programs such as the Kids Council (children’s boards in public and private sector organizations): “There are obviously no turnkey solutions to achieve peace, which is precisely why we should look at the problem from as many angles as possible. This demands meaningful dialogue with those affected by our decisions today. Children have the right to participate and provide invaluable and unique insights that will improve the depth, breadth and quality of decision-making. Children and young people can start the fire that - if well nurtured and taken care of – we so need to contribute to more sustainable peace."


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